Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sculpting Your Fused Glass

The next new product I have tried is Glass Bird Modeling Glass. It is a 2 part powder and liquid that you mix with your glass powders. It is easy to mix up but you need to follow the recipe carefully. It turns into a glass clay somewhat like playdough. You can roll it out and cut it, you can make coils, you can make flower petals, you can cast in molds. After its dried you can carve and sand it. Its an awesome product if you want a sculptural or textural quality to your glass pieces.

The photos below are just a quick project to try out the product. I cut the recipe in half and only made 1/4 cup. I kneeded the glass clay and then rolled it out and free hand cut some petals and leaves and made a coil for the stem. I dried all the pieces first in my oven on a silicon matt at 200 degrees. When dry I placed the pieces on a transparent scrap of rose glass. I contour fused at 1400 in my fiber kiln. Not realizing that the pieces shrink 15% and move around, they seperated. So it is probably best to fuse your pieces before putting them on the base glass. DAH! Well not to give up on this piece I just added more to it and redried and refused it. No problem!

First contour fuse.

Second fuse with a different green color blend.
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