Monday, March 7, 2016

Fused glass pendants

Fused Glass Cabochons

These are some beginner cabochons I made from scrap glass. Most of these turned out OK. Some I used white pre made dots for embellishments. The second from the top left I used clear frit in the center crevice. The lower left one I used fuseable paint between layers and it caused the bubbles to form. Not what I had in mind. In the next photo I tried the paints again and put them on the top layer with better success. I think if You want the paints in the middle you would need to pre fuse the paint on the first layer then add the second layer and then full fuse everything to eliminate bubbles. The right bottom one had clear frit chunks on the purple area but they sunk in and disappeared. Lessons were learned on these.

Fused glass cabochons

These cabachons were more experiments. The glass painted ones were painted on the top clear layer over the opaque glass. The right top one is painted directly on the opaque glass. No clear cap, just clear on bottom. The second one on top has clear cap with paint on top of clear. The far left top is clear bottom layer, middle chunks of black, red, and dichroic, top layer clear again. The bottom row could be earrings.









Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Fused Glass

Fantasy Poppy Plate...9x12 fused glass

This is a one of a kind plate. I designed the plate on my iPad and printed out a pattern. I hand cut all the pieces from glass and put the design pieces on two sheets of black glass and I hand painted the veines and stamens with glass line paint. I added some frit and green glass dots to each flower center and then fused in the kiln.

12x9 fused glass dish

Geometric Fused Glass Platter

My goal for this plate was to use opaque and transparent glass and to use up some scraps. I kind of designed it as I went along cutting the glass.

This shot shows off the transparent pieces. Depending on the surface its placed on it has a different appearance.