Friday, June 10, 2016

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Powdered Frit Paint

I ordered 4 jars of frit powder to experiment creating art on glass. I found the recipe for using alovera gel with the powder and some water to make paint. I kind of like this paint better then Glassline paint but I need to do a little more experimenting before I can say for sure. Below are some test pieces I made by just squeezing the paint out of a squeeze bottle with a tip. This piece I pulled thru the wet paint with a tooth pick to achieve the pattern. All the pieces below were full fused to 1500f. The paint became part of the glass and produced a very shiny surface. The paint becomes one with the glass. All the alovera burns off nicely.

The piece on the left was done differently. I sprayed the clear glass with hairspray and sifted on a heavy layer of black glass powder then I drew through the powder with a tooth pick to make the design. I then sprayed it with hair spray from a distance so as not to blow away the powder. I placed that layer of glass on top of an orange piece of glass. It was also full fired at 1500f. The next two pieces were done with alovera powder paint.

This piece was done with bubble Glassline paint In between two pieces of clear glass. The bubbles were very small after firing. Not what I expected. I wonder if thicker paint would make bigger bubbles. I drew on the top layer with Glassline paint in black and copper.


Friday, June 3, 2016

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Candy Bowl With Frit

This bowl was done with 2 layers of clear glass with multi colored course frit I made. I like the colors but as you can see the outer edges got hazy which I believe is devitrification. I think it was caused because I left the used thin fire in the kiln and placed the mold on stands in there with out cleaning out the old kiln paper. I did not know that the atmosphere in the kiln can cause devitrification. I have slumped at the same schedule several times and have not had this problem. So I am pretty sure that was the cause. It is still a useful bowl. It just looks frosted. Next time I will know better.
The piece above is a streaked Amber glass and French vanilla glass. The center has Opal cloud frit and Amber frit. As you can see in the photo below after full fusing the Opal cloud frit almost disappeared. There is some slight variation though.

The piece is ready to slump tonight.



Final slumped dish.