Friday, October 13, 2017

Recent Paintings

Near the St. Joe river, Idaho....16x20 acrylic on Gessobord

Finally posting again. Sorry about the delay. I have been gone on another 3 month rv trip and just got back last week. The painting above was done in Idaho along the St. Joe River. It was a beautiful area although the sky was pretty smokey most of the time. There were these beautiful yellow wild flowers everywhere. Couldnt resist this view right next to our motorhome. I started this painting out doors and finished it in the rv.

The next painting of another bunch of yellow wild flowers was painted in Indiana. These were more daisy like flowers. We saw them through many of the mid western states. I painted this in the rv very loosely, almost abstractly.

Indiana Wildflowers....11x15 acrylic on watercolor paper

The bottom painting was done in my studio right after arriving home. This was inspired by the yellow birch trees I saw on the way up to Pikes Peak in Colorado. The sun was dancing on the yellow leaves as we rode the cog train up to the peak. I hadnt realized I was on a yellow streak with these three paintings until I posted them on this blog.

Pikes Peak Birch Trees.......15x22 acrylic on watercolor paper

I am going to be home until January and then off to Phoenix for 3 months. Hopefully ill get a lot of painting and fused glass projects done while I am there.