Friday, November 17, 2017

Fused Glass Deep Bowl

Soooo happy to be back blogging again. After the last ios upgrade the blogging app I use would not work. Waited a long time for them to upgrade the app. It finally updated yesterday, Yah.

So to get back into it I’m going to talk about this fused glass bowl. I wanted to do a coral bowl but one that would be usuable, not open and full of holes. This worked ok but not the look i wanted. I full fused the red and clear base together. Instead I should have fused the red strips alone on kiln paper to get the more rounded holes then put it on the clear base and fuse a second time. Oh well next time.

Also I had to slump it twice because it slumped unevenly and not all the way to the bottom. I had to slow down the ramp time and increase the hold time a bit. It reslumped just fine and is very even now. This bowl is 10” by 2.5 deep. This is the first time I have slumped in this mold. Another thing, the mold did not have a hole in the bottom to allow air to escape, so before the second firing I drilled a 1/16” hole into the bottom. I also learned the clear rim is hazy because it was slumped to fast in the first slumping. This tends to happen most often with the clear teka glass not with the opaque glass. So take it slow when slumping clear Teka.