Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Digital Doodles

Digital fun with pattern and texture and negative shape painting.

This doodle was done on the iPad using Procreate app. This is a good way to free up your imagination and practice color theory and composition without wasting precious art supplies.



Monday, March 2, 2015

Digital Landscape

Painting with digital paint and brush can be a great way to do studies and experiment with color. Not only is it good practice you may come up with a winner that could be printed on gallery wrap canvas.



Acrylic Paintings created in Cabo 2015

The following paintings were painted in Cabo. Not on location but in a makeshift studio in my room. I haven't painted in a while so these were my "get back into it studies." I used new supports and new paints from my usual work.
Stormy Skies ... Cabo, 14x18 canvas panel

Cabo Pelican, 16x20 Ampersand Gesso Board

Crown of Thorns...Cabo, Acrylic 16x20 Ampersand gesso board

Cabo Evening...16x20' Acrylic on Ampersand Gesso Board

Beach Party.....Cabo, Acrylic 14x18 on canvas panel


Digital Hibiscus

This is a digital sketch I did of a hibiscus flower. I am doing this as a test post as I am thinking about changing my blog app to a different one.

OK....the new app works great.