Saturday, September 8, 2018

More Digital Painting on the Road

In the digital paintings below I demonstrate the value of using an underpainting color. This can be done digitally or in real paint painting. With real paint you have to choose your underpainting wisely, as it is not as easily changed as it is with digital painting. With digital painting you have the ability to put the underpainting on a seperate layer that you can change and delete easily without disturbing your painting. Using a warm color under a coolpainting can give your painting a little complementary punch and adds a little excitement to your strokes. Cooler colors under a cool painting can give it a more calming effect. This technique works best with oils and acrylics, real and digital. Give it a try.

Cool painting with magenta underpainting.

Cool painting with purple underpainting.

Digital Painting on the Road

Yes’ I am still on the road. The only art I have been able to do is digital. Thank goodness for my ipad pro. I just finished working on this digital painting of the Ennis, Montana area. The top one is the original, but with the magic of digital manipulation I can change the season and the mood of the painting. What one do you like best?