Thursday, January 18, 2018

Glass Powder Slurry

I am always looking for new ways to use glass powders and here is a fun andy easy method I came across on the internet. Isn’t the internet awesome. So many ideas and options at your finger tips. Find new techniques then make them your own, change them up and ask what if? What if I try this. So fun to experiment.

This project was done with the help of Creative Paradise’s Frit Slurry Tutorial. You mix up powders and water to a pancake batter consistency and spoon or pour it on to clear glass. The tutorial used mostly transparent powders but all mine are opaque so I tried it anyway. Also I used reactive colors such as french vanilla and cyan which created the dark outline effect. I also used 2 layers of 3m clear glass instead of 6m single sheet as was suggested in the tutorial. The tutorial does a fuse and slump in one step with their slumping schedule. I did mine the traditional way. Full fuse and then slump. I did get some unwanted bubbles so i will add a bubble squeeze next time. The bubbles were between the two sheets of glass. It was not anything to do with the powders on top.

Since I am in my motorhome for 3 months I decided to just bring clear glass and powders and enamels with me. The green piece above is my peekaboo fused glass piece. It was designed using clear base glass with hand cut clear glass triangle pieces on the second layer. Then I sifted two colors of glass powder over it all. I brushed the powder off the 6 clear triangles to create the peekaboo see thru. I contour fused the piece to preserve the dimension of the triangles. The powders also retained a textured surface. This is being slumped in a slightly up turned plate mold.