Thursday, February 23, 2017

Acrylic Paintings

Back to painting again. I love willow trees and saw many on our trip to Canada. I was in my kayak and had to paddle underneath this one. I thought it would be a challenge to paint and feature the light and shade it created. This is 16x20 acrylic on Gessobord.

I am presently working on this desert scene of White Tank Park in Arizona. This is the beginning stages. I used quinacridone magenta for my underpainting. I'm working from a photo I took in the middle of the day which lacked light and color. I decided to make it more of a dramatic sunset time of day.

I decided to add the saguaro cactus in the foreground from another photo. It helps to add a better focus area.

The photo above is the next days work. The values in the foreground are still not right. The ground needs to be much lighter heading in towards the cactus. My next painting session will be adjusting values and highlighting certain areas around the focus area. I will update this post when the painting is finished.

Here is the next step of the painting. Close to the end. Need to look at it for a week and see if it needs any changes.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Specialized Fused Glass Pendants

These are some Pickleball Pendant ideas. The game of Pickleball is becoming very popular and yes I do play the game. These pendants are hand painted with color line paints and ready to fire. I am in my Motorhome waiting out a two day storm so I can uncover my kiln outside and fire these. So stay tuned for the results.

Here are the fired and fused pendants. They are 100% glass. The glass enamels are rather thick to paint with and and they tend to spread a bit when fused, but as a whole I'm pretty happy with them. I will glue bails to them as soon as I go buy some.

Well the bails are in place. All pendants are now SOLD.

Making Your Own Designer Fused Glass

These pieces were fused using single pieces of glass I hand painted with the Color Line Paints. The top bowl has a bottom layer of opaque gray glass with a clear piece of glass on top. The clear piece was painted with random colors of the paints. Then I took the white paint and drizzled it around on top and placed another piece of glass on top to make a print impression. Pulled that third piece off and saved for another project which is the square plate pictured below. All the patterns on these pieces were hand made by painting, stamping, or stenciling. Great way to make your own designer glass for one of a kind projects.