Friday, May 27, 2016


Reactive Glass Project

I forgot to post this last piece of reactive glass. I used the teal glass and French vanilla. I prefired the center piece of frit lace out of large opal cloud. Then placed it in the center of the piece and full fused it before slumping into my candy dish mold. The initial full fuse was done at the Bonnie Glo Kiln Fast rate which worked out nicely.


Monday, May 23, 2016

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Iridecent fused glass project

Working with Iridecent glass is quite different then normal glass. The irid coating does not stretch or melt the same as the glass. When other glass is placed on top of the irid glass it puts pressure on the irid coating creating a wrinkled texture. The irid is the medium Amber base on top of a clear circle. I used the same amber irid on top of the orange petals and it combined and created a darker irid rust color which I was happy with. This project slumped into a shallow bowl. I left the design in a soft contour.
The painted test strip above was done with Glassline paint. I accidentally put this piece in with the sunflower piece above at a fusing schedule less than 1500f so the paint did not fire correctly. It came out dull and cracked and I think the pink color was supposed to fire much darker in hue. I'm going to try and refuse it at 1500f and see if it will smooth back out. If not it was a test strip that failed. At least I didn't try it on a big project first.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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Reactive Fused Glass


This is my first experience using reactive glass. The teal green glass has copper in its makeup and the opal cloud frit I used in the design reacts to the copper and forms a brownish outline where the two glasses meet. I like the detail it adds to the piece.

The piece below has French vanilla glass which also reacts to the teal in the same way.

The piece above has both French vanilla and opal cloud Bullseye glass. The left and right sides of this piece only have a clear glass cap. Especially on the right side you can see the difference of the clear capped area and the teal green with no clear cap. There is a distinct line between the two and the clear capped area has more depth and shine to it. The 3 pieces above may be slumped into small sushi plates.


In the cabochons you can see the difference between the French Vanilla and the Opal Cloud which is a bit bluish.

Tonight I am slumping a round dish I fused previously. I just received 4 new fusing molds in the mail this a.m. I am anxious to see the results. The mold is 10" but I am slumping a 9" circle in it. I think I'll be able to peek at it before I go to bed I hope.


This is the slumped plate I got out of the kiln this a.m. Nice slightly curved up edges.


I slumped the round plate above into the mold in the lower right hand corner.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

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These are some fun Pendents I created from my scrap glass. I decided to do a contour fuse on these pieces in the Bonnie Glo Kiln. I did my own schedule of 500 to 1300F hold 10 min. Then full to 950f hold 30 min. They came out good but next time I might try 1350f for slightly more roundness. A few of the pointed edges need cold working to soften them and make less sharp.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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More Irid Gold Glass

9" circle to be slumped into

A shallow bowl

Used up scraps to design

this piece. Not much

choice to work with.

Fired at Bonnie Glo kiln

Slow full fuse

SP User 6

Note: the glass line paint

split and moved around

On top of the irid gold glass.

Not that happy with iridescent

Black gold glass. Maybe try

clear backed next time.