Friday, April 20, 2018

Coral Bowl

I had a great time at the Las Vegas Glass and Bead Convention recently. I took a class on making coral bowls. It was only a 3 hour class so we only got to construct an 8” bowl. It was a little hard to get the amount of holes I wanted in this size bowl. I wasn’t to happy with the instruction I received. The number of glass pieces should have been a lot less and more spread out for my liking. At least I know what not to do on my next one. The piece was full fused there and it was all white glass. We took the piece home to sift powders on and full fuse again and slump ourselves. I thought that class was a little pricey for what you learned.

I took another class which was more fun and right up my alley. I will post about it tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Acrylic Painting in Progress

Here is a series of photos showing my 16x16 acrylic painting, step by step, on Canson Acrylic Paper. This was the last painting I did this winter in the Phoenix area. This is on the grounds of the San Exavier Mission. It is an extraordinary mission with a lot of history.

I’m still loving painting on this Canson paper. My next challenge will be mounting the paintings I’ve done on this paper to hardboard for framing. I will let you know how that works out.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Abstract Acrylic Painting

This painting is an abstract painting that just happened. It was not preplanned except that I first painted it on my ipad, something that I often do. I kind of liked something about it and decided to paint it again on paper. I made some small changes to it to improve the compostion and just had fun with it.

16x20 Acrylic on Paper.....”Life Lines”.

Newest Acrylic Paintings

16x20 Acrylic on Canson Acrylic Paper..... “Fall on the River”

These paintings are painted on a new paper I just came across and I really like. It is Canson Acrylic Paper. I love the weight of it and it doesnt need a gesso coating. It has a great surface for all kinds of acrylic applications.

16x16 Acrylic on Canson Acrylic Paper.....”Sunshine on a Foggy Day”

16x20 Acrylic on Canson Acrylic Paper.....”Prickly Pear Cactus Blossoms”

Back to My Painting

This post is a quick catch up on my acrylic paintings. Lately I have switched to painting on paper rather than canvas or boards. These are on Watercolor paper. Its fun to change your usual routine to freshen up your style a bit. Some times I gesso the watercolor paper to give it more body and make it less absorbant.
These can be framed like watercolors or mounted on canvas with no frames for a contemporary look.

More Slurry Glass Powder Painting

More custom fused glass made with aloe vera gel and water and glass powders. Each color is mixed in a squeeze bottle with 1/3 water, 1/3 aloe vera gel and 1/3 glass powder. Shake well and squeeze unto clear glass or opaque white glass. Move and push the colors around until you like the design. I then thoroughly dry the piece in my convection oven for 20 to 30 minutes at 225 degrees and then I full fuse in the kiln.

After full fusing I decided to drape this piece over a stainless steel mold. The photo below shows the finised piece.

Bottom of piece.

This is such a fun economical way to create you own designer glass by just using clear glass and powders. Just make sure you use the powders safely and wear a mask or respirator when mixing up the powders.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Fused Glass Fish Platter

My newest project is this fish platter. It is hand painted with glass enamels and bordered with hand cut clear glass chips and some glass powder. This is contour fused and ready to slump into a 8x12 rectangular platter mold.

I am still living in my motorhome and only brought clear glass to work with. This piece was created to use up a lot of scrap glass that has accumulated after cutting out circles. I did my contour fuse at 1400 this time and I am happy with the softer rounded edges of the chipped glass.