Monday, February 4, 2019

Another Digital Portrait

As before with my daughters portrait I did this digitally using the Procreate App. For some reason my son was harder for me to do. I spent much more time on it and it probably still needs some adjustments. I use photos that I have taken for reference but I do not trace them. I start out with a pencil drawing trying to get the features as close as possible then I move on to a new layer and start painting. So far I like using the acrylic brush and the airbrush and the smudge tool. I also do the features on different layers so I can scale and move them if needed. When I get to a certain point I start merging all the layers into one and then start detailing on another layer. It is great to be able to edit, cut and paste and rearrange until you are happy. Also working in layers you don’t get muddy colors or overworked areas. I am slowly thinking this will be the way of future artists. Hopefully digital art will become more acceptable and valued as an art form. It still takes an artist to create the art. The app and the computer is just another tool as is the brush, canvas, and paint.

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