Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fantasy Floral Fused Glass

This is another Powder painted fused glass piece. I did this on a 7” black circle. I used Dritz sewing white carbon like tracing paper to copy my design onto the black glass. That worked great. It was a suggestion someone made on one of the Facebook glass groups. Sorry I dont remember their name to give credit. Anyway next I mixed up my Vitrigel and different colors of glass powders. I used squirt bottles to paint my design and a couple of clay tools to move it around with. I layered clear frit on the piece and full fused. No problem with bubbles on this one as it is only one layer of base glass plus all the frit. One fuse and probably one more for slumping, probably into a wavy bowl.

These cabachons were made from scraps. I dont like wasteing glass so I used the powder and gel paint that dried in the mixing cups after it dried hard. I cracked it away from the sides of the cups. I used a scrap transparent piece yellow gold glass for the base and used left over squirt paint for the edges and then filled in with the glass flakes from the cups and covered with clear frit and full fused with the flower piece above.

Check back soon to see the fantasy flower bowl slumped.

Its now slumped into a nice bowl, arty and functional. Its great for a salsa bowl, dip bowl, candy bowl etc. I am very happy with my slumping schedule. It fully slumped to the bottom with a nice flat bottom.

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