Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Results

Here are the results of the projects I posted earlier today. Not masterpieces but a learning process toward materpieces.

This came out of the kiln pretty much looking the way it went in. It fired well at my fast rate in the fiber kiln with no bubbles. The blue color was my Color Line enamels from Bulleye. It worked equally as well as the GLASS LINE paints.

Now this one came out of the kiln a bit different then expected. When I back painted around the leaf pattern I did not realize the paint would be affected by the paint under it. It turned the aqua color much much darker so there was not the contrast I was hoping for. It is acceptable but not what I wanted.

I will keep posting more projects of this nature. I am waiting for some Papyros kiln paper which is sturdier for doing more of a watercolor effect .

This piece was pretty much as expected. Not perfect but has its merits. This was aloe vera paint made with glass powders and the aloe gel. I painted lines from a squeeze bottle and then combed thru the wet paint to make the pattern. There is also some french vanilla used on the 4 bolder stripes. This piece did not involve using the kiln paper between glass layers.

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